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Wheel of Fire

(Stenocarpus sinatus, fam. Proteaceae)

Stenocarpus sinatus Stenocarpus sinatus Stenocarpus sinatus Stenocarpus sinatus Stenocarpus sinatus
A very flamboyant tree that is often used in ornamental situations, this member of the Proteaceae family is a lovely rainforest specimen guaranteed to light up anyone's day with its beautiful floral displays.
Form or habit: Tree
Leaf:Simple Alternate

Alternative, simple, entire to deeply lobed, 120-200mm in length. Upper surface of blade glossy dark green, paler below.

Flower conspicuous: Conspicuous
Flower colour: Orange - Red
Flower description:Bright orange to red produced in umbels of 12-15 flowers, developing from the stem so they are inside the canopy. January—March.
Fruit conspicuous: Conspicuous
Fruit colour: Grey - Brown
Fruit: Dry
Fruit description: Fruit a dark grey-brown follicle, 5-10cm long and more than 2cm wide, somewhat boat-shaped, containing numerous winged, overlapping seeds. Ripe Apr to Sept.
Habitat:Rainforest,Gallery (Riverine or riparian) forest,Beach Scrub/Littoral Rainforest
Distribution:Northern NSW up to Atherton Tablelands, Qld
Food source for:Large range of nectar feeding birds
Toxicity:No toxicity known
Weed status:
Information sources:
Williams, K. (1979), Native Plants - Queensland, Vol 1

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