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Native Mulberry

(Pipturus argenteus, fam. Urticaceae)

Pipturus argenteus Pipturus argenteus Pipturus argenteus Pipturus argenteus Pipturus argenteus
A shrub or small tree to 6m high.
Form or habit: Shrub or small tree
Leaf:Simple Alternate

Ovate or eliptic , broadly lance-shaped, 8-13 cm long, margins finely and bluntly toothed, soft, lower surface whitish with hairs.

Flower conspicuous: Inconspicuous
Flower colour: Green, white or cream,
Flower description:Dioecious- male and female flowers on separate plants
Fruit conspicuous: Inconspicuous
Fruit colour: White
Fruit: Fleshy
Fruit description: Whitish, fleshy, mulberry-like. Actuallly an Achene, clustered at nodes to form a globose multiple fruit, 4-6mm diameter. Flowering between January and June.
Habitat:Vine thicket,Woodland/ open forest
Distribution:Found in a variety of forests including rainforest and riparian areas. Found from Lismore NSW to the Torres Strait Islands.
Food source for:Fruit are eaten by many birds and are a food plant for the White Nymph butterfly.
Toxicity:No toxicity known
Weed status:
Notes:Common especially in regrowth after clearing. Very good plant for revegetation and fainforest gardens as it is fast growing, hardy and brings in many birds.
Information sources: Harden G.J. et al. (2006) Rainforest Trees and Shrubs a field guide to their identification
C. Peterson, pers. comm.

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