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(Calyptocarpus vialis, fam. Asteraceae)

Calyptocarpus vialis Calyptocarpus vialis Calyptocarpus vialis Calyptocarpus vialis Calyptocarpus vialis

Annual or short lived perennial herb, roughly hairy with weak often sprawling thin stems to 60cm.

Form or habit: Herb
Leaf:Simple Opposite

Opposite, simple, hairy pale green, oval to triangular, 15-40 x 8-25mm, margins serrated, tip pointed, base tapering abruptly into winged stalk, 5-11mm long.

Flower conspicuous: Conspicuous
Flower colour: Bright yellow centres
Flower description:Daisies, 5-10mm long, with bright yellow centres and ‘petals’, borne singly or in few-flowered terminal or axillary groups.
Fruit conspicuous: Inconspicuous
Fruit colour:
Fruit: Dry
Fruit description: ‘Seeds’ 3-4mm long, warty textured, compressed, slightly 3-4 angled with 2 barbed or scaly awns 1.5-2mm long.
Food source for:
Toxicity:No toxicity known
Origin:USA, Mexico
Weed status:Environmental/garden escapee
Notes:Spread by: Garden waste, probably water and contaminated soil.
Invades/threats: Canefields, roadsides, gardens, footpaths, virtually anywhere/everywhere.
Notes: There are many anecdotal reports that this weed and its close relative, Cinderella Weed (Synedrella nodiflora) are rapidly increasing in both numbers and distribution within this region.
Information sources: Mackay Regional Pest Management Group (2011) Weeds of the Mackay Whitsunday Region.

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