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(Buddleja madagascariensis, fam. Buddlejaceae)

Buddleja madagascariensis Buddleja madagascariensis Buddleja madagascariensis Buddleja madagascariensis Buddleja madagascariensis
Straggling shrub to 6m, young plants and branchlets covered in white short matted hairs, older stems covered in rust or yellow hairs. Robust root system.
Form or habit: Shrub or small tree
Leaf:Simple Opposite

Opposite, simple, ovate-oblong, 70-150 x 20-50mm, apex tapers to a point, base rounded or heart-shaped, dark green and hairless above, dense white or yellow hairs below, stalk 15-25mm, margins entire.

Flower conspicuous: Conspicuous
Flower colour: Yellow, orange or salmon
Flower description:Yellow, orange or salmon flowers in sprays up to 250mm long.
Fruit conspicuous: Unknown
Fruit colour:
Fruit description: Plants cultivated in Australia are sterile, no fruit or seeds have been found.
Food source for:
Weed status:Environmental/garden escapee
Notes:Spread by: Broken stem fragments, garden waste.
Invades/threats: Riverine communities, readily climbs over established plants, high into the canopy.
Notes: Garden escapee, persists in old gardens. Very large infestation present on Cattle Creek near Gargett.
Information sources: Mackay Regional Pest Management Group (2011) Weeds of the Mackay Whitsunday Region.

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