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(Annona glabra, fam. Annonaceae )

Annona glabra Annona glabra Annona glabra Annona glabra Annona glabra
Semi-deciduous tree usually 3-6m, but up to 15m. Soft-wooded stems with a thin grey bark bearing conspicuous lenticels.
Form or habit: Tree
Leaf:Simple Alternate

Llight to dark green, 70-120mm long, prominent mid vein, distinct smell like green apples when crushed.

Flower conspicuous: Inconspicuous
Flower colour: Pale yellow to cream, red inner base
Flower description:3 leathery outer petals, 3 smaller inner petals, 20-30mm in diameter.
Fruit conspicuous: Conspicuous
Fruit colour: Orange-yellow
Fruit: Fleshy
Fruit description: Round fleshy ‘berries’, 50-150mm in diameter, green ripening orange-yellow then black after falling; containing 100-200 brown seeds, similar in size and shape to pumpkin seeds.
Food source for:
Origin:Central and South America
Weed status:Declared class 2,Weed of National Significance
Notes:Spread by: Fruits and seeds dispersed by water, including sea currents; also animals, including pigs and birds.

Invades/threats: Fresh, brackish and saltwater areas, drainage lines, as well as coastal dunes and islands. Highly invasive, forms dense stands in swamp areas, capable of replacing Melaleuca wetlands, mangroves and creek bank communities.

Introduced to Australia as grafting stock for commercially grown custard apple. Known to be in creek bank and mangrove communities in the Reliance Creek catchment and Melaleuca wetlands at Andergrove.
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