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(Agave sisalana, fam. Agavaceae )

Agave sisalana Agave sisalana Agave sisalana Agave sisalana Agave sisalana
Large freely suckering, short-stemmed perennial succulents with hard fibrous roots; leafy parts to 2m tall x 3m wide.
Form or habit: Succulent or cactus
Leaf:Simple Basal

Long-lived in rosettes, sword-shaped up to 1300 x 120mm, with a hard dark brown terminal spine to 35mm long. Green leaves, usually with toothless margins when mature and with minute teeth when young.

Flower conspicuous: Conspicuous
Flower colour: Yellowish green
Flower description:'Petals' are all equal-sized and floral filaments are 50-65mm long, with funnel to urn-shaped basal tube to 18mm long; borne in sprays on an erect central mast-like stem to 6m tall.
Fruit conspicuous: Inconspicuous
Fruit colour:
Fruit: Dry
Fruit description: Not seen in this species of Agave.
Food source for:
Toxicity:No toxicity known
Origin:America, chiefly Mexico
Weed status:Environmental/garden escapee
Notes:Spreads by: Suckers, vegetative reproduction (numerous small bulbs formed in the axils of small bracts around spent flowers), dumped garden waste, water movement and animals.

Invades/threats: Bushland and coastal dunes forming dense thickets.

Recorded in coastal areas in this district. Historically planted on many islands. Also grown around the world for fibre.

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