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North Coast Wattle

(Acacia leptocarpa, fam. Mimosaceae)

Acacia leptocarpa Acacia leptocarpa Acacia leptocarpa Acacia leptocarpa Acacia leptocarpa
Shrub to small tree to 15m. Rounded crown and pendulous branches.
Form or habit: Acacia / wattle
Leaf:Simple Alternate

Phyllode- narrowly eliptic, long and sickle-shaped. 9-26.5 x 1-3.5mm. Juvenile foliage larger. Three prominent yellowish veins crowd together at base of phyllode, secondary veins widely spaced (1-3 per mm) and more or less parallel. Prominent swollen basal gland.

Flower conspicuous: Conspicuous
Flower colour: Yellow to golden yellow
Flower description:Yellow spikes 4-7cm long, in pairs in the leaf axils. Flowering in autumn to spring
Fruit conspicuous: Conspicuous
Fruit colour: Dark brown
Fruit: Dry
Fruit description: Pods, long, very narrow, flat, somewhat constricted between seeds. Twisted to coiled 8-15 x 0.2-0.35 cm. Seed is dark brown with a large yellow-orange aril.
Habitat:Woodland/ open forest
Distribution:Northern areas of Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia in coastal eucalypt forests along fresh water stream banks and seasonal swampy areas.
Food source for:Larval food plant for the Northern Hairstreak butterfly.
Toxicity:No toxicity known
Weed status:
Notes:A good screening or windbreak tree. Timber useful for turning.
Information sources: Melzer R. & Plumb J. (2007) Plants of Capricornia.

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